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ALKALINE RISE by Drip Hacks Flavors

ALKALINE RISE by Drip Hacks Flavors

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A fruity blend of kiwi, lime, woodland fruits and strawberry with a touch of coolness flavour.

This product, known as ALKALINE RISE by Drip Hacks Flavors, is a combination of kiwi, lime, woodland fruits, strawberry, and a touch of coolness. Drip Hacks one shots are expertly crafted flavor mixes from the UK, now available in Canada. With a 250ml HackShot bottle, you'll receive 50ml of Flavor Concentrate, simply add VG and shake for the designated time. This product is versatile and can be used in various recipes, making it perfect for any mixing needs.

Discover the convenience of DRIP HACKS one shots - expertly crafted flavour mixes from the UK. Now available in Canada, simply add your bases and give it a good mix for a quick and easy vaping experience. No better or simpler option out there!

Product Information

The 250ml Alkaline Rise HackShot comes with 50ml of Flavor Concentrate in a convenient 250ml Hack Shot Bottle. Simply add your preferred amount of VG to fill the bottle below the neck, shake well, and follow the indicated steeping time on the back of the bottle. Ideal for use in various recipes.

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