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FRUIT BILLIONS by Drip Hacks Flavors

FRUIT BILLIONS by Drip Hacks Flavors

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Chewy Pineapple, Strawberry and Mango Sweets. which will give you a better experience with taste and is truly very different that other flavors out there. Drip Hacks flavors from the UK are known to be world famous people are saying and are the cutting edge of DIY EJuice.

Product Information

  • 7 Day steeping period
  • Does Not Contain Menthol or WS-23
  • Relatively Sweet
  • Mix at 20-25%


  • You will receive 50ml of Flavor Concentrate in a 250ml Hack Shot Bottle, all you need to do is buy some VG/PG and mix and fill up the remaining Hack Shot just below the neck and shake and steep for the required time indicated on the back of the Hack Shot bottle
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