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Raspberry Sherbet Flavor Concentrate by Drip Hacks

Raspberry Sherbet Flavor Concentrate by Drip Hacks

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A Raspberry Sherbet flavour Concentrate with a candy twist. Fruity and sweet, this flavour is perfect for those with both a sweet tooth and a weakness for succulent fruit. 7 Days steep time.

DRIP HACKS one shots are fully crafted flavour mixes straight out of the UK. One the the hottest lines from overseas is now available here in Canada! Just add your bases, give it a good mix and you’re all done! Doesn’t get better or easier than this!

Flavour Concentrate Instructions:
These flavour concentrates are to be mixed at 20% for maximum sweetness, but if you find them to sweet you can try mixing them at a lower percentage maybe 10% or 15% which you will still have lots of flavour but less sweet. There are no flavours on the market today like Drip Hacks flavours.

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